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“We are on the cusp of something regeneratively wonderful or something irreversibly disastrous

This newsletter was set up as a dedicated space for our regenerative journey, with a focus on the built environment, linking nature, ecology, carbon, place … and the nexus with regenerative practices within other sectors.

What is our sustainability image? Despite efforts, our built environment remains a (40%) contributor to the climate and ecological crisis. A regenerative future seeks to reverse this to a (40%) contributor to solutions.

We no longer have the luxury of being only less bad.

Regan/Notes will focus on the journey we need to make, from ‘ego’ (business as usual) through ‘eco’ (reducing impact), to ‘seva’ - a worldview mindset needed to make real regenerative progress.

This newsletter will collate and provide a narrative from stories, news, reports and articles, from myself at fairsnape and colleagues, from the zoom regenerative series, from research, from best practice and from across numerous social media channels

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“We are on the cusp of something regeneratively wonderful or something irreversibly disastrous” Regen/Notes is a fortnightly newsletter exploring and joining the regenerative sustainability dots and spaces


Martin is the curator of Regen/Notes. A regenerative sustainability provocateur at Fairsnape. Author of FutuREstorative & Regenerative Playbook.