... thoughts on the beauty and power of mindfulness combined with biophilia
A Regenerative Guide for Educators, Students and Practitioners.
Addressing plant blindness key for a nature-positive future.
Finding time and space to talk about hope.
'Biophilia (as love of life) existed way before we gave a name to it, and exists in our life and in our buildings whether or not they have elements of…

February 2023

"The language used to talk about climate change matters when forming the most important argument in our history"
nature ... is it only everything other than what is human?
Substack and Mastodon
Greenwashing has become a many-headed beast.
"the right of all species to exist for their own sake"
Restoring ... the potential of Britain's lost rainforests for carbon, biodiversity and health on our doorstep.
Reflecting on Imbolc: its Relevance to Regenerative Sustainability